Hi there! Anand K greets you to his first ever webpage.
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Welcome To My First Web Page

It's been a long time that I have not updated this page!


Moving on from being a VB6 developer, I am now a project leader in a software company.  Apart from  ASP, I have now also learnt ASP.Net.  Presently I am searching for a free hosting service that will allow me to create an interactive website using either plain ASP.Net or DNN5.1.  If you have any suggestions, leave them in the guestbook.

I have added photography to my hobbies.  Bought a Nikon FE and a Vivitar 2800 flash, used.  I shall try and post a few photographs when I can.

Site Updates

Updated on 8 July, 09.

Actually I re-visited the page after a long long time, a few years to be frank.  I would like to include many topics, including of course VB. Let's see.


Previous updates: 

I have added a custom page to the site, click on the Custom Page link to the left to go to it. I intend to put URLs there which will point you to some of the best threads on the VB World Forums. I have added my own Winsock snippet URL to it for starters.

And yes, I have also added a Guest Book page.

Solve this one.
Rearrenge just two of the matches above to make 6 triangles.

What's special
Well, I think I got the guestbook as default when I got this site. You can check out that. Other goodies, I think you have to wait till I get time off from my work to do this.

That's the guest count ...

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Getting Rich Quick From My Site!
That's what it says, at least! Let's see if I get any richer.

Tempo Trax Judo ?
Quite a neat copy, isn't it?
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