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Who am I?

A human being is a very complex organism. I am a human being and by nature I am complex. There are parts of me you will never know, and parts of me even I shall never know!


This is my online home of sorts. Feel free to go through the rooms, peep out of the windows, into the washroom, relax and in general make yourself as comfortable as you can in a stranger's house.

Site Updates

Updated on 2 Aug 2017

Fixed the URL to the Winsock thread.

Revamped the site - updated the home page title, the first para. Here's what I cut out of it:


Professionally, I am a technical project manager in .Net. My job is to manage people and to manage code - and make sure both behave as expected!

By education, I am a commerce graduate. Yes, a humble B. Com. from the University of Mumbai.

I am also a father to a wonderful girl and a(n almost obedient) husband to an equally wonderful woman.


The online journey that started from being a VB6 developer in a small company (startups hadn't been invented then!) has taken me far away from the life back then.

Moving on from being a VB6 developer, I am now a project leader in a software company.  Apart from  ASP, I have now also learnt ASP.Net.  Presently I am searching for a free hosting service that will allow me to create an interactive website using either plain ASP.Net or DNN5.1.  If you have any suggestions, leave them in the guestbook.

I have added photography to my hobbies.  Bought a Nikon FE and a Vivitar 2800 flash, used.  I shall try and post a few photographs when I can.




Updated on 8 July, 09.

Actually I re-visited the page after a long long time, a few years to be frank.  I would like to include many topics, including of course VB. Let's see.


Previous updates: 

I have added a custom page to the site, click on the Custom Page link to the left to go to it. I intend to put URLs there which will point you to some of the best threads on the VB World Forums. I have added my own Winsock snippet URL to it for starters.

And yes, I have also added a Guest Book page.

Solve this one.

Rearrenge just two of the matches above to make 6 triangles.

What's special

Well, I think I got the guestbook as default when I got this site. You can check out that. Other goodies, I think you have to wait till I get time off from my work to do this.

That's the guest count ...

Tempo Trax Judo ?

Quite a neat copy, isn't it?